September 21, 2009

The Divine Magnet

Since I'm far away and not able to do readings in the States I will do them worldwide.

That is, Seth Landman and Invisible Ear will broadcast a series of my readings for an invisible amount of time. This will be called The Divine Magnet Reading Series.

The first installment is here.

Thank you, Seth, for your generosity and your brain ability, which are both immense.

The above image is Dangers of the Whale Fishery and was painted in 1820 by W.Scoresby.

September 20, 2009

This Is Where I Want To Be

The animated world in Wes Anderson's upcoming film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, looks like what I wanted the world to look like when I was little.

I think I still want it to look like this--small and delicate and exciting.

September 17, 2009

In Amherst Tonight

Tonight is the world premier of the film WHEN YOU THINK OF IT by the good people of notnostrums.

I would say run to this film premiere if you should find yourself in Western Mass. tonight. Also, run to it when it comes to
NYC and Philadelphia.

This is what notnostrums wants you to know about WHEN YOU THINK OF IT:

This is a movie. Not Lone Star. Not The Loneliness of the Long Distance
Runner. Not Pillow Talk. Not All That Heaven Allows. Not The Awful
Truth. Not Blazing Saddles. Not The Crying Game. Not Every Man For
Himself. Not Ship of Fools. Not The Lady Vanishes. Not Dark Victory.
This is a notnostrums movie. In this movie people are reading poems in
many places.

It is playing tonight (September 17th) at 7pm in Amherst Cinema, in Amherst, MA.

September 16, 2009

GlitterPony 8

glitter flashImage by rouwkema via Flickr

With the small madness of relocating to Jerusalem I neglected to mention the new issue of GP. Jon and I worked really hard to bring this one together. Especially Jon, who created the cover and does so much of the technical stuff behind the scenes. We are really happy with this issue. And as with each one, I think this is my favorite. That is, until December, when issue #9 comes out....then I will love it more and then I will love them all the same.
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September 9, 2009

New & Exciting

A SH Anthology from Fact-Simile is now available.

It contains work by the following people: Elizabeth Robinson, Sara Veglahn, Erik Anderson, Selah Saterstrom, Noah Eli Gordon, j/j/[pleth, Elizabeth Rollins, Andrew K. Peterson, Hayes & Cooper & Geoffrey Gatza.

Here it is closed:
And now open(!):

All the text is written on these scroll shaped pieces of paper! That's brilliant and beautiful.

September 2, 2009

What Happens When

Paris: Something's Fishy! | Paris Hilton

This is what happens when Paris Hilton travels.

This is what happens when Anna Wintour goes to work.

This is what happens when Lawrence Giffin's Get the Fuck Back Into That Burning Plane is reviewed.