February 18, 2010

Regret is not weakness, even if that cab driver said so....

The January 25th issue of the The New Yorker is amazing. I'm just reading it now as my subscription is on hold until I return to the states. I depend on random issues finding their way here.

There is an article about the olfactory system and childhood by David Owen called "The Dime Store Floor." There is also an article about cryonics called "The Ice Man," by Jill Lepore. Both articles address time and regret and an attempt to preserve things. Which makes me think about time travel and how it seems to be inspired by a strong desire to go back and change things / be in the place and with people we used to know or to go forward and make sure we are all okay.

This is a diagram of how time travel could work.

Alcor is a place mentioned in Lepore's article. It's a place people go to be frozen so as to awaken many many years later and live in the distant future.

Why does this cryonics website look like it should be selling paper or paint thinner or packing peanuts in bulk?

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