December 30, 2009

Things That Glitter

GlitterPony 9 is now out in world.

Perhaps you want to head over there and read some great poems.

These people are in the magazine:

Brad Flis
Brian Foley
Rachel B. Glaser
Michael Kelleher
Hoa Nguyen
Lisa Olstein
Heather Overby
Cassandra Smith
Michelle Taransky
Brennen Wysong
Elisabeth Workman
Lesley Yalen

Here are some things that are sparkly: This and this and this.

And happy new year to you and yours from me and Crystal Gayle.

December 22, 2009

On GlitterPony

GlitterPony 9 is almost ready to go live! We have an amazing lineup of poems in this issue--each ready to pummel you with greatness!

We are lucky to have Tristan Benedict-Hall of A Mystery in Common custom design the cover for this issue--it is an unusual and exciting cover, a real treat for the eyeballs. The flower garland on the left is but a small peek at the design.  

Look out for GP9 sometime next week.

Also, think about sending us some poems. You can do that by clicking here.

And / or sign up for our mailing list--we only contact you three times per       calendar year--when a new issue of GP is out.

Glitter balls to  you all.

December 20, 2009

Two Fantastical Chapbooks

Two chapbooks are now out in the world and you should consider checking them out.

The first is Christopher DeWeese's Fireproof Swan, from Factory Hollow Press.

Chris' poems always deliver the goods. Here is a little pinch from inside Fireproof Swan:

"You've got to do what I say/when I'm on fire:/plane all growth/and keep retiring your colors./Rust burns a chemical silhouette/when I'm a machine,/a factory full of pans."

Yes, I'll take two, please.

This next chappie is from the wonderful Julia Cohen. Julia's chapbook is called For the H in Ghost, from Brave Men Press. 

Julia recommeds you buy a copy for your mom, along with a snuggie. I second this suggestion.  Julia will surely dominate your mind with her terrific poems and you will have a better holiday season because of it. I'll take a bundle of these stunning chappies, for the road.

December 15, 2009


My current favorite title is Gillian Conoley's Some Gangster Pain. I think about it this title a lot. That is, it surfaces on my brain and I get a punch in my stomach because it is so good, so brilliant.

What title punches you in the stomach?

December 9, 2009

"It is wonderful and magical to see a giant American Black Bear put his arm around a Bengal tiger and then to see the tiger nuzzle up to the bear..."

This is photo I saw on Sympotien, a blog I read almost every day. There are other gorgeous photos + good music + neato books + fishing + other awesome things on the blog. Also, this is the blog run by my brother-in-law, Noah. He's awesome.

Laurel Snyder's book, Any Which Wall, reviewed on bookslut. Her book sounds great for kiddos and the people who read to them.

This story will make you a bit weepy, but in a good way. It's about animal friends. (Thanks, Seth Landman, for sending it along!)

That's my mac n' cheese she's talking about.

December 3, 2009

A review of P & HPH is up on Tablet. Thanks to David Kaufman for the careful reading and overall thoughtfulness.

December 2, 2009


52 seconds of Marilyn Monroe.