December 30, 2009

Things That Glitter

GlitterPony 9 is now out in world.

Perhaps you want to head over there and read some great poems.

These people are in the magazine:

Brad Flis
Brian Foley
Rachel B. Glaser
Michael Kelleher
Hoa Nguyen
Lisa Olstein
Heather Overby
Cassandra Smith
Michelle Taransky
Brennen Wysong
Elisabeth Workman
Lesley Yalen

Here are some things that are sparkly: This and this and this.

And happy new year to you and yours from me and Crystal Gayle.


  1. I've been wanting to write a poem called "Climbing Crystal Gayle's Hair to the Stars," but I just can't get a handle on it.

    Happy New Year, Natalie!

  2. I love her because she looks like my mama.