May 25, 2010

Good Thing and Strange Thing

Good Thing:

Really an excellent thing, a most lovely thing. It's called Disco Prairie Social Aid & Pleasure Club, and it's a small book of many poets and a few lines from their poems. It's a book of lines from poems from all over.

For example, Jack Christian has a few lines from "Family System" which was in Diagram 8.2, and Laura Solomon has lines from the poem "28 Graves Avenue" from her book Blue and Red Things, and there's also Mathias Svalina, and James Tate, and Jon Link, and Sarah Manguso. And many others and many poems. Here is where all the poems are from.

Strange Thing:

Kevin Cotter's wife left him and left behind her wedding dress.

She told him to do what he wants with it.

So he made a blog about all the things he's doing with it.

Like flossing, and using it as a coffee filter.

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