June 30, 2010

Many Thanks Abound

Back in the temporary VA home where all my things live in the basement. 
I wanted to say a big big shiny thank you to everyone who set up the readings, housed us, and came to hear us read. 
Philadelphia: Ben Orlock and all the good folks at Book Space. 
Wash, DC: Adam Robinson and Dan Brady, and the good people of Barrelhouse and Publishing Genuis. And Janet and Vade for housing us and having fresh
bagels in the morning!
Richmond, VA: Liz Canfield, Ward, and Chop Suey Books. Also, good friends Maya, Stephanie, Tim, and Tyler for housing us and feeding us and just being really sweet in the heart area.
Atlanta, GA: Blake Butler, Jamie Iredell, and Amy McDaniel, and Beep Beep Gallery. (Jamie made us a feast! There was pate involved!) A big thanks to the Seths, Lyndsey, and my mother for being really into having us lounging around their homes as they all worked hard at working.
Raleigh, NC: Chris Tonelli and his lovely wife and baby. These are super super nice people and we all should be so lucky as to share Lebanese cuisine with them on a regular basis. Also, all of Chris’ students who came to the reading, all sixty of you, thanks!
Charlottesville, VA: Samantha and Noah, sweet natured in-laws who opened their home to us, not just us who were reading, but others who came to hear us read. And let us sleep there and fed us pizza, and lemonade, and cereal. Thank you!
Baltimore, MD: Adam Robinson and Publishing Genius and Josh and Foo at the Hexagon. Youtube, singing, movie of an unseen circus, and reading. This was truly awesome.
And Mike and Rachel and two lovely lovely people. And their books are amazing. Nothing short of it, really. Seeing both of them read seven times was spectacular. And driving with them for ten days was really really fun. They are good eggs.

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  1. It was wonderful seeing you Rachel, and Mike in Charlottesville. Such a fun and inspirational night!