September 7, 2010

New Poems in New Places

I have a poem in the new issue of We Are Champion

Issue #3 is Cezarija Arbatis, Mark Leidner, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Sasha Fletcher, Natalie Lyalin, Salvatore Pane, Thomas Patrick Levy, Kyle Winkler, Carolyn Zaikowski, Sean Kilpatrick, Elaine Kahn,
Gregory Sherl, Donora Hillard.

And some poems in the new new Esque


OETRY is the kitchen sink.
Charles Bernstein. Bei Dao. Tamiko Beyer. Jackie Clark. Amy De'Ath. Lidija Dimkovska. Kate Durbin. Steven Karl. Natalie Lyalin. Filip Marinovich. Sharon Mesmer. Miguel Murphy. Ariana Reines. Saeed Jones. Tomaz Salamun. Evie Shockley. Heidi Lynn Staples. Leigh Stein. Cole Swensen. John Tranter. Matvei Yankelevich. 

IFESTO is everything but.
Jennifer Bartlett. Jillian Brall. Ching-In Chen. Ken Chen. Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Jennifer H. Fortin. Molly Gaudry. Roxane Gay. Matt Hart. Brenda Hillman. Dan Hoy. Ron Padgett & Olivier Brossard. Lars Palm. Joan Retallack. Brandon Shimoda. Anne Waldman. Franz Wright. Carolyn Zaikowski.

And what else? Summer is over. Ovah. I now have an attic to myself and there are june bugs here. I'm reading and studying up on fairy tales. Grimms' in particular, though much of Angela Carter as well. "The Bloody Chamber," whoa. Whoa.

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