October 9, 2010

And now, October

September snipped by. A student said, "You have book called Pink Panther!"

As It Ought To Be featured "Electrocardiogram" and "Small and Private Tragedies" in their Saturday Poetry Series. Today there are poems by Carl Adamshick that are cool gems!

Getting a late but beautiful start is GlitterPony 11. We have two Pettits, Guy and Emily! Also,  *Amy McDaniel, *Andrew Brenza, *Anne Holmes & Lily Ladewig, *Erin J. Mullikin, * J.A. Tyler,* Jackie Therrien, *Kate Greenstreet, and *Kristen Evans. Cover by Noah Bolton. Do you like our thoughtful cow?

Zachary Schomburg's Scary, No Scary and from the fjords showed up in the mail. The mailbox cheered! fjords has a stunning cover, rough and beautiful, like it came from a secret part of the earth!

To add to the good news, Jeannie Hoag's New Age of Ferociousness is now out from Agnes Fox Press. Brian Baldi and I are working on a special project around it that involves mailing things all over the US (and possibly beyond?) and tracking it all on the AF website.

Also, people are moving and birthdays are looming! The world continues to spin.

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