March 1, 2011

Looking Forward

Julie Choffel's Figures In A Surplus is sure to be a beautiful read. Here is what the editors of Antioch Press, who published Choffel's chapbook, had to say about her work:

In this new collection, Choffel’s sparse poems present images and actions not as extant material, but as nebulous plans and ideas. She wields the subjunctive mood with aplomb, creating branching futures whose possible outcomes wait, just off the page, for cues that will likely never come. In twenty-three poems, some of them no longer than a single line, Choffel encompasses salt, other planets, and the amoebae, zoologists, and skyscrapers that lie in between – a world far too intricate and dense to hold any room for certainty.

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  1. Aw, thanks for posting this, Natalie! I *just* saw this. Rather out of it. Can't wait to see you & Josh soon!