April 19, 2010

Did I mention GlitterPony?

Every three months or so Jon Link and I reach a point of high worry, and then an issue of GlitterPony hatches again. About a week and a half ago we published our 10th issue. It's such a good issue -- it
has poems from these poets:

Mike Young
Laura F. Walton
Paige Taggart
Jordan Soyka
Lori Shine
Ted Powers
Nate Pritts
Peter Gizzi
Garth Graeper
JenMarie Davis
Julie Doxsee
And artwork from Rifle Paper Co. which we still can't believe we got to have. 

Airedale Card

Cheers to issue ten, and hopefully many more to come. 

And three cheers to Jon Link being back in the states for a few weeks!!

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