April 5, 2010

Stop By & Say Hi

Agnes Fox Press is going to AWP Denver! 

We have a table loaded with chapbooks & broadsides. Also you will find two Seths, a Lyndsey, a Brian, a Lesley and a Lewis, and a Nathaniel. These are good people and some of the AFP editors. The others are me, Josh, and Emily, and we are oceans away, so we will not be attending. 

But you will find Amy McDaniel's Selected Adult Lessons and Phil Cordelli's Book of Numbers / Book of Letters, and a broadside of a Hailey Higdon poem that is in her forthcoming AFP chapbook (letter pressed by Lesley!!). We also snagged Jeannie Hoag, whose chap will be released at the same time as Hailey's. 

That's a lot of stuff to remember, so please stop by the Agnes Fox Press table and get it all in writing. And say hello to all the people at the table -- they are all so dear and wonderful!

And this image is from here.

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