November 28, 2009

Delicious Bits

Leveler (Eds. Jennifer H. Fortin, P.J. Gallo, Evan Glasson, and Yotam Hadass) is a new online poetry journal. It is quite nice.

Matchbook (Eds. Brian Mihok and Edward Mullany) publishes "short fiction and indeterminate prose." It is quite smart.

Both publications focus on the creative work and the critical thought. These are presented side by side and offer the reader a glimpse into the author's ideas (Matchbook) and an editor's impressions (Leveler).

Both are super interesting to read.

Also, Travis Nichols wrote this for The Huffington Post.

Illustration is from Spider Pie, by Kim Smith. I found her illustration by googling "delicious bits" which happens to be the slogan of her blog. Delicious, indeed.

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