November 19, 2009

Word Association with Seth Parker!!!

Word Association!

I asked Seth Parker, editor/founder of Skein Magazine, and author of devastatingly gorgeous poems to word associate with me.

Here are the results:

Thither: Wither

Crime: Slime

Crimson: Cloak

Festival: Charades

Horse: Palindrome

JFK: Lobster

Jackie O.: China

Vav: Yad

Salt: Pfeffer

Fawnzelle: Springtime

Serious: Basketball

Golf: Delicate

Maw: Tendril

Cranky: Nerd

Blade: Ring

Crust: Breath

Seething: Dream

Gourd: Enchanted

Gourmet: Vegetable

Cactus: Landscape

Ballet: Swanness

Arson: Chemistry

Dole: Dynamite

Ohio: O

Ohio: Hi

Ohio: O

Here is Seth's chapbook, Beethoven of Smells. It's an Invisible Ear masterpiece.

Here is a poem. And this is not him.

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