March 8, 2010

Natalie Lyalin Week on HTML Giant

This week at HTML Giant is Natalie Lyalin Week. The Giant has some fun things in store, so you
should check it daily.

Today's feature is an interview where Amy McDaniel asks me questions and I give very long answers. Hopefully people will actually read them.

Some of the many fun things this week brings about are three serious giveaways happening in honor of the HTML event.

Here they are:

1. Leave a comment on Gina Myers' blog, A Sad Day for Sad Birds, and you have a chance to win the entire Coconut Books catalog.

2. Leave a comment on Reb Livingston's blog and you have another chance to with the entire Coconut Books catalog.

3. Leave a comment on A Mystery In Common's blog and three of your will have the chance to win a copy of Pink & Hot Pink Habitat AND one of AMIC's organic hand-printed cotton t-shirts.

The Coconut Books Catalog is:

Natalie Lyalin's Pink & Hot Pink Habitat
Gina Myers's A Model Year
Jen Tynes's Heron/Girlfriend
Sueyeun Juliette Lee's That Gorgeous Feeling
Reb Livingston's Your Ten Favorite Words

Many ways to get P&HPH into your hands. Woot!

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