March 23, 2010


Things that are rare:

A double-yolked egg! I could not eat it. But folklore is mostly on my
side, in terms of good vs. bad luck here.

And more rare, a blue copy of The Difficult Farm, which Heather Christle is awarding to a lucky person who can make an neat video, while dizzy. This is a video challenge with the possibility of a rare
gift -- you should meet this challenge.

Here is Heather's hand with the books. Look, the blue one could be yours!

Here are the contest rules:

1. Have access to a video recording device.
2. Turn it on.
3. Record a person getting very dizzy and then attempting to perform some kind of task. Or record a MISTAKE. A MEDIUM one.
4. Put it on YouTube or Vimeo and send a link to
5. Wait for finalists to be posted on Heather's blog.
6. Tell your friends to vote for your video.
7. Win all or most of the votes.

Heather's blog has more info. 

Do it to it.

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