March 16, 2010

A New Week

Natalie Lyalin Week on HTML Giant is fin. It was truly lovely, and it could not have happened without Amy McDaniel, Blake Butler, Nathaniel Otting, Mike Young, Seth Landman, and Seth Parker.

Also, the lovely Gina Myers and Reb Livingston did P&HPH giveaways on their blogs. We have
winners, and more winners to announce.

A Mystery In Common did a special giveaway that included their t-shirts and copies of P&HPH.

Amazing people doing kind things.

All this loveliness for P&HPH is being nicely anchored by my continued efforts with Moby Dick. I'm finally past page 500 (of The Modern Library Classics edition) which is a triumph. Triumph! 

heart is from here


  1. Heart reminds me of this, which I just listened to today: